Oh My Goodness, I found a Growth, What is it?



Certain viruses can cause the growth of skin tumors commonly referred to as “warts”. These viruses are called papillomavirus. They are a common cause for the warts we see in young dogs, often found on the face, ears, lips and mouth (including the tongue) and are formally called, Viral Papilloma (see pics below). These “viral” warts are different than some warts that are found in older dogs. This virus is commonly transmitted between dogs through direct contact with the growth or from the dog’s environment through injury to the skin. It’s important to know that this virus is ONLY transmissible between dogs, not other pets or humans! Viral Papillomas are not typically dangerous, commonly found in young dogs and will often regress on their own. The take home message here is that if you find a growth on the skin of your dog, you should have it evaluated in order to determine if it is a viral growth or a true wart, because their treatment is different. If you notice a growth on your pet, call us and schedule a consultation so that we can put your mind at ease! If you are interested in knowing more about viral papillomas, read this article: http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&A=465